CHMAS ran its first activities in 2006 and has a good safety record. This isn’t just through luck but through a systematic approach to safety, which is achieved by:

  • Having a Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessments for our business and
    reviewing these regularly;
  • Only using appropriately qualified and experienced staff;
  • Adhering to current good practice;
  • Operating in small groups and where appropriate at or below the levels
    recommended by the National Governing Bodies; and
  • Running activities in a challenge by choice environment.

Health & Safety Policy/Risk Assessments

CHMAS has a Health & Safety Policy, which sets out amongst other things our staff induction process, operational and emergency procedures, risk assessments as well as defining specific responsibilities for safety. In addition, all our activities have a risk assessment. These documents are reviewed regularly so that any lessons learnt or updated good practice can be incorporated.

To download our Health & Safety Summary Policy then please click here here.

Responsibility for Safety

While accepting that safety is a joint responsibility between clients, instructors and the company directors, Mr Chris Hughes (Director) has the overall responsibility for health & safety.

Safety Accreditations

CHMAS is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALS) as licensed to provide specified activities under the following headings: Climbing; Trekking; Watersports & Caving and this can be confirmed by clicking here. A copy of our AALS certificate is also available in our Downloads Page.

Although these safety standards are to cover the under 18’s we also apply them for over eighteens (where there is no licensing requirement).


CHMAS has Employers Liability & Civil Liability insurance as appropriate for our activities and this is arranged through Activities Insurance Mutual (AIM).A copy of our insurance policy is available on our Downloads page.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions then please drop us a line.