DofE Activities


Chris Hughes Multi Activity Services (CHMAS) is based in Shropshire, which means we have fantastic venues on our doorstep for the Bronze and Silver Expeditions and have convenient access to other areas for more challenging terrain that could be expected for the Gold Expedition.

As an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for the DofE we are delighted to be able to offer all the requirements of the expedition section. Our AAP status can be checked by clicking here.

CHMAS is registered with The Adventure Activities Licensing Service as licensed to provide specified activities under the following headings: Climbing; Trekking and Watersports. Our license number is L27696 and this can be confirmed by clicking here.

CHMAS offer the following services to facilitate your expedition:

  • Supervisory & Assessment Services
  • Expedition Packages


If you need an a Supervisor or Assessor for your DofE expedition then CHMAS can help out. We have worked extensively throughout Denbighshire, Peak District, Shropshire & Wales for land based expeditions and the River Severn & the River Wye for canoe/kayak based expeditions.

We understand that the role of the Supervisor is very important on a DofE expedition as they are responsible for the safety of the participants. Once we are happy about the overall competency of a group, we will can step back and make use of appropriate remote supervision so that the group feels they are not being overly supervised. However, when the routes passes through ‘high risk’ areas then we can step in a give the necessary support and guidance although we’ll keep this to the minimum.

If you need an Assessor we have facilitated many successful expeditions by canoe, cycle, kayak and on foot for all level of the awards. If you would like CHMAS to do this for you then please get in touch.

Our standard day rate is £160 per member of staff plus travel expenses. We will always agree travel expenses at the time of booking so there are no surprises.


CHMAS is also able to provide a bespoke expedition package for groups for all levels of the award for expeditions on foot or canoe. Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can give you a competitive price.