Rec Three


Our two day REC Advanced First Aid Course is designed to top up the skills of the REC Outdoor (16hr) course for those who work in remote wilderness and/or mountainous areas. It will provide a recap of the basic lifesaving skills and then move on to the practicalities of looking after a casualty for an extended period of time or as we like to call it doing the basics better for longer. The course is also suitable alternative for those who have completed the REC Outdoor course several times to update their skills.

Pre Course Requirements

Candidates are expected to have current first knowledge comparable to the REC Outdoor (16hr) and to ensure you hit the course running there will be pre-course home paper to complete.


The course will be delivered by a blend of practical, theoretical and discussion sessions so you can share your experiences to make it a more interesting course. Over the two days we will look at the following topics:

  1. Basic Life Support & Practical Scenarios - to check the informational skills.
  2. Common medical conditions.
  3. Casualty care in the remote environment;
  4. Catastrophic bleeding - tourniquets & haemostatic agents.
  5. Improvised splinting.
  6. High altitude injuries.
  7. Expedition first aid kits.
  8. Clients who require additional support.
  9. Crisis management plans.
  10. Incident reporting.
  11. Expedition ailments.
  12. Drowning / cold water immersion.
  13. Spinal injury in remote locations.


Candidates are assessed by ongoing practical assessments by the tutor throughout the course and by a series of short question papers.


Successful completion of the course leads to a Rescue Emergency Care (REC) Advanced First Aid certificate, which is valid for three years.

Course Dates and Cost

These courses are run on demand so please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can give you a completive price.