Bushcraft is an excellent way for families, friends and individuals to come together and have some outdoor fun! CHMAS is a small family run company which makes us a good choice if you are after a quality personal experience where you really feel looked after.

Our current list of activities is shown below and we look forward to hearing from you.

  • Bushcraft Parties
  • Come & Try Bushcraft Sessions
  • One Day Bushcraft Course
  • School Bushcraft Groups
  • CPD Sessions & Technical Advice

Bushcraft Parties

This a great way to celebrate a birthday and have some serious fun!. We will talk with you about your event and make sure the birthday person has a very special time. Popular activities include an introduction to fire lighting with some camp fire cooking, wide games and shelter building but if you have something specific in mind then please ask.

Our standard bushcraft party is 2 hours long and may include.

  • An introduction to fire lighting – use a fire steel.
  • Knifework to create tinder materials.
  • Marshmallows and dampers (dampers are like campfire croissants!)
  • Shelter building.
  • Game or activity.

    • Dates

      These courses are run on demand at any time of the year.


      Our standard birthday package for up to 6 people costs £90.For larger numbers please get in touch so that we can give you a fair price. Please note that this cost does not include the provision of a birthday cake or party bags.

Come & Try Bushcraft Sessions

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to light a fire and cook a meal over an open fire then our ‘Come and Try Bushcraft’ course is just what you are looking for. The sessions are usually 3 hours long and are a fantastic way for family and friends to come together to have fun in the outdoors and learn about bushcraft.

  • During your time with us you’ll be shown:
  • Cutting tools and how to use them safely.
  • Shelter making.
  • A variety of ways to light a fire without matches.
  • How to use your fire to cook a simple meal outdoors.


We generally run these courses on demand and at specific dates through the summer holidays.


The courses are charged at £35 per person and we need a minimum of 4 people to allow the course to run.

One Day Bushcraft Course

If you would like to indulge yourself in a full day of bushcraft this is the course for you. This course is designed to be ‘hands on’ with one of our instructors on hand just in case you need a little help. You will leave the course with lots of new skills but be warned it is very addictive.

After meeting with your instructor, they will take you to the bushcraft site where they will show you how to set up camp and look after yourself outdoors. A typical programme for theses courses might include.

  • Cutting tools and how to use them safely.
  • Woodcraft – carving and making tools.
  • Shelter making.
  • A variety of ways to light a fire without matches.
  • Game preparation.
  • Foraging (plants and their uses).
  • Natural cordage.
  • Knife law.
  • Damper bread.


We generally run these courses on demand.


The courses are charged at £70 per person and we need a minimum of 4 people to allow the course to run.

School Bushcraft Courses

Learning outside the classroom engages with all ages and all abilities and promotes a sense of well being. This can be brought about by such simple things such as identifying a tree, creating an ember by friction fire lighting or more commonly getting a fire going to toast marshmallows or cook a meal.

These courses are run to your requirements at a location of your choice, which could be the school grounds, a farmer’s field (provided we have permission) or at one our locations.

To date, we have provided the following unique activities.

Woodland Fun Session
Exploring in the woods to hunt down the ‘Graffalo’ for a local nursery.
Bushcraft Taster Sessions
A progressive series of 1 hour sessions to introduce the key bushcraft skills of safe tool use, fire lighting, carving and camp cooking for a local primary school.
Bushcraft Team Challenges
After a bit of instruction the teams need to collect the materials for a fire, then using a method of their choice light it, once its lit use the fire to cook a simple meal and then clear up afterwards. These courses have proven to be popular for uniformed youth organisations and for corporate team events.
Fire Lighting Sessions
A full session on how to light a fire without matches from bow drill used by our ancient ancestors right through to chemical reactions. A great way to engage young people in physics, chemistry and biology.

If you would like us to provide one of these activities for you then please get in touch to discuss your requirements so that we can give you a fair price.

CPD Sessions / Technical Advice

Chris is a very experienced Bushcraft Instructor and can provide CPD sessions for staff to upgrade their skills or provide technical advice for organisations wishing to add bushcraft type sessions to their portfolio. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.