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What's been said so far...

'The course was wonderful, I really do feel inspired to crack on and prepare for the assessment. I thought Jules an excellent coach and have learned so much over the 3 days. I feel my paddling improved significantly and I now know what I need to do to move it forward. I would go as far as to say it was as enjoyable a coaching course as I’ve ever been on (and believe me, I’ve been on many!) It felt positive at all times & I felt stretched without being terrified. '

CANOEING - 4 Star Canoe Training (hosted by CHMAS) , June-2013

'David and myself contacted Chris from Multi Activity Services Ltd to assist us with preparing with a Four star canoe training course, We have worked with Chris last year and he proved very valuable, friendly and knowledgeable with open canoeing and his style of teaching was invaluable to us as we have not had a lot of experience in White water. We enjoyed his company so much that we decided to ask him again this year to assist us with preparation for the two days 4 star training with Ray Goodwin. Chris was again amenable and joined in with our jokes and quickly brought us back to where we left of last year and beyond. The two days with Chris were enjoyable and he not only provided the boats and equipment we needed he joined us on the two day 4 star training which was a great success. Thank you Chris for your patients and good humor. We will be contacting Chris again very soon. '

CANOEING - 4 Star Canoe Preparation , December-2013